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Making New Friendships in a Senior Living Community

Making New Friendships in a Senior Living Community


So many of Americans transition into senior living each year in pursuit of a more relaxed and simpler lifestyle. They are looking for more than just great care and comfort; they are also looking for new friendships and meaningful connections. Though, it is very common to find it difficult to pack up a lifetime's worth of belongings and start over in a new area, with new people, and in a new culture. Learning how to adapt to a senior living community improves sociability and general health, as well as harboring new friendships along the way.

We all know that having friends enriches and enhances our lives, but did you know that it has also been proved to enhance general health, boost self-esteem, and even prevent dementia? The immune system has been proven to benefit from socialization, with more sociable people having fewer colds, lower blood pressure, and a better ability to fight sickness. It can also help with mental health issues, especially depression. Depressive symptoms are known to alleviate significantly within a very small window of time after social contact.

While it can be a very challenging endeavor to leave what you know in your traditional home, there are so many wonderful benefits of being in a community with likeminded people who once made the same decision you are about to make. So, in order to help make this experience worthwhile for you, let’s discuss some tips to show you just how great this new chapter can be for you!

There Are Ample Community Activities

Whether you enjoy pottery or painting, or you want to keep your fitness on a regular schedule, the communities at Blossom Collection offer a wide variety of weekly activities that can keep you active both physically and socially. Find the activities that you think you will enjoy and make it a point to attend them regularly. This will also assist you in making friends with those who share your interests!

Use Mealtimes as a Way to be Social

If you are on a regular meal plan with your new move, make this opportunity one for you to be able to introduce yourself to others in the dining room. The neighbors around your home may already have a small group who goes down to the dining room together. This is the perfect opportunity to not only get in touch with those around you but to meet others in the community, too! If you are feeling intimidated by the sudden change in social activity, ask a family member or trusted 

friend to join you for meals or activities. This can help transition you to meeting others and branching out in your new home.

See If There Are Other New Residents

You may be surprised to find out how many new residents there are in addition to yourself! Ask the management in your community if they are aware of any other additional new residents who have moved in before or after you. This is a great way to find others who are in the same boat as you in real time. You can share your experiences together, offer each other advice, and join new activities!

Above All: Be Patient!

This is a transitional period for everyone coming out of their comfort zone. The best thing you can do is to give yourself grace and allow yourself to be patient during this time. Making friends may or may not be a natural thing for you. Plus, adjusting to new living environment is a task in-and-of itself. Take the time to get used to the new chapter in your life, and before you know it, you will fit right into the new routine. Who knows… you may strike up some great friendships along the way, too!


"We absolutely LOVE Blossom Springs for our darling Dad!! We first looked into moving from Cedarbrook in Bloomfield Hills as we wanted more contact to my dad during Covid-19 via a Amazon device called an Echo Show which they wouldn’t allow there. But we absolutely are so thrilled to have him at Blossom Springs!!! The people are sooooo friendly & helpful & sweet & caring!!! They treat our dad ~ Dr. O ~ so lovingly & we greatly appreciate all of the thought & care they have put into it! But also, the building & interior design is stunningly gorgeous! And the food ~ by Andiamos ~ is delicious!! We just love it there & wish Covid wasn’t such an issue right now but they have given us peace of mind during some very difficult times!!"


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