Testimonials at Blossom Ridge in Oakland Charter Township, Michigan.


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"It’s been almost one year since we moved our mom into Blossom Ridge. This was a very difficult and emotional decision to move her into a senior living community. The whole family investigated various senior living facilities in our area and visited over a dozen. When we did our tour of Blossom Ridge, we were so impressed. It is just beautiful. Then we learned it was priced competitively with other senior living communities and we knew this was the place for our mom.  She loves it and our whole family loves it. The staff is fabulous, they are an extension of our family!! We love the beautiful environment inside and outside the building.  Last Sunday my wife and I enjoyed Sunday brunch with our mom at Blossom Ridge, and it was fantastic. The food is outstanding, the staff always so friendly and the pianist playing live music was magical. On the way back up to Mom’s home in the glass elevator, my wife looked out over the dining room and said, "This place is so beautiful, this was the right decision!!!" 

- Tom and Jean W. – Family Member of Blossom Ridge Resident

March 2022

“Well this is a beautiful place that many of us enjoy for all kinds of reasons. There are lots of activities that go on all the time. My wife and I are readers, and we appreciate books and the library here has so many books here for us to read. We don’t have to go out. My wife needs large print books and there are plenty of those. We’ve had great support from the staff and from the people who are here. We are like a family and we care about each other. And that means a lot to us.”

– Roger S.- Blossom Ridge Resident

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“I visited Blossom Ridge with a friend who was looking for a senior residence and when I saw this one, it was the most beautiful one we had looked at. When I got home, my daughter asked me what one I want for myself. I said, oh well, Blossom Ridge. It was the best one that I saw!”

– Judy L.- Blossom Ridge Resident

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“I had an art room at home that I hated to part with it and I didn’t have room in my apartment. Samantha, told me that I was welcome to bring my things over and we can all use them and benefit from them and this beautiful art room. We have classes at Blossom Ridge once a week or we can come in and work individually. It’s my happy place. It’s like home!”

– Jill P.- Blossom Ridge Resident

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“I lived at 3 other places besides Blossom Ridge and I was never satisfied. I like the fact that all the meals are done by Andiamo’s, it’s like being at a restaurant. We have a special every night, we have a regular menu. You can have filet mignon every night of the week that you want and it’s just awesome! The food here is just outstanding.”

– Bob K., Blossom Ridge Resident

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“The lifestyle here is wonderful, mainly because there are so many things to do that I’m really not in my apartment all day long. I love the walking paths, they are a good distance when you walk from the main building along the walking the paths. They are maybe 1.3 miles, which I like. They are always clean, clear, and beautiful. There is always something to see there and they are easy to walk as well. I love them.!”

– Donna B., Blossom Ridge Resident

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“After one year here, we’re happily enjoying life in the Blossom Ridge Residence more and more each day. The comfortable elegance of the Residence building and campus sets it apart from all other options we looked at. A friendly, caring staff provides us with luxurious living. All our expectations have been met or exceeded.”

– Wally S., Blossom Ridge Residence

“APPRECIATION is the word that best describes our lifestyle at Blossom Ridge. We appreciate the environment, the delicious meals we are served, the variety of activities in which we can participate and the safety. We are happy campers in our new home Blossom Ridge.”

– Mary Lou & Ernie B. – Blossom Ridge Residents – Independent Living

“I was the first Villager to move into my ranch condo on March 12, 2019. I love my ranch single car condo, with gourmet kitchen, and easy no step shower. Included with my home is twice a month house cleaning, friendly custodians to change light bulbs or check on smoke alarms, five exercise choices a week, and Sunday Brunch. Blossom Ridge is a beautiful facility and I’m thrilled to show off my new living quarters. Already seven or eight of my Meadowbrook Woman’s Club members are also residing in Blossom Ridge. Blossom Ridge is by home!”

– Bea B., Blossom Village Resident